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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make It a Liz Lemon Night

For all of us, like Liz Lemon, who thought this was going to be our year and who now find ourselves discouraged that we couldn’t even make it a week, let’s sit back and enjoy this great scene from the opening episode of 30 Rock Season 2. After all, when life gives you lemons, that means it’s time for a Liz Lemon night. Because laughter and asking in a mock-Seinfeld voice, “What is the deal with my life?” make everything better.

Additionally, here’s a wonderful Jack/Liz moment from the end of this episode, while Liz is eating takeout food and sitting on the floor in her wedding dress (which she bought because it was on sale, even though she recently broke up with her boyfriend):

Jack: Good God, Lemon. What’s happened to you? l thought this was going to be your year.
Liz: l couldn’t even hold it together one week. l’m not you, Jack. l can’t have a heart attack and pretend like it never happened. l can’t break up with someone and immediately recover. l’m not you. l’m just me.
Jack: Lemon, don’t ever say you’re just you. Because you are better than you. And l am not going to let you give up. This is going to be our year. Now give me the ham.
Liz: l like the ham.
Jack: Come on.
Liz: $4,000 ham napkin. l look pretty, though, right?
Jack: Don’t push it, Lemon.