Words in the Clouds

Wordle.net: Create Beautiful Word Clouds

I have a Post-It on my desk at work that says, “Words have power. Don’t be careless with them.” And I don’t just need to be reminded of that because I’m a writer and my job is all about words. I also need it because I’ve seen how a few words can build someone up or tear someone down, and how they can instill niggling doubts (Inception-style) that are almost impossible to eradicate or provide hope and healing for the soul like aloe on sunburn.

But enough with the heavy philosophies about the power of words! Sometimes it is nice to “waste” time creating something fun. I spent some of my morning creating “word clouds” on Wordle. I started by typing up some phrases and words that have been painful for me and called this cloud “Words of Desolation.” Then, because I am trying to dwell on all things true and hopeful, I made a corresponding word cloud called “Words of Consolation.” I also typed up a journal entry I’d written in the week leading up to Thanksgiving on a day when I was not feeling all that thankful but wanted to change my mindset, and I made a word cloud out of that. (That is the photo you see here.)

If you feel like thinking about the words you use and/or if you feel like doing something random and fun with your time, I highly recommend making a word cloud or two.


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